Stardom Music, Arts Studio and Enterprise

About Us

Stardom Music, Arts Studio and Enterprise formally opened for business since April 16, 2001, founded by the late Delia T. Hidalgo and Ms. Lodela “Ela” Hidalgo, now living in England. It is currently managed by the son and brother of the founders, Deleo T. Hidalgo.

originally it only offers music courses such as voice, guitar, piano, drums, and keyboards, and services such as band rehearsal and rental. through the years, it has expanded that led to additional courses and services such as studio recording and sale of musical instruments. It aims to develop individuals who want to unleash their potentials, talents and skills.

Stardom is a purposeful Music Shop and recreational area. We are here to serve and help you to achieve your dreams to become a future musician/artist. we are not only one stop shop for musical instrument but we do offer music tutorial, art tutorial and other more. stardom has a very good ambiance that you can relax while learning. we are decisive of what to offer in our clients and assertive in a way that the shop and the instrument we have offering are the best quality. As a goal oriented company, Stardom aspires to be the top music shop industry in North Luzon. We are not opinionated but we are being true of what we are.

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